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It was perfect, painless and absolutely wonderful in every way and in FULL HD.

Less than 24 hours after having Lasik at Borough Lasik Center Davao, my vision was 20/10 in both eyes. I could not believe how smooth the surgery went, how well Doc Ches explained the preparation and surgery and the difference it made in my eyesight…

Having the surgery was one the best decisions I could have ever made. Anyone who has worn glasses or contact lenses for any length of time doesn’t need to be told how wonderful it would be to put them down forever. It was perfect, painless and absolutely wonderful in every way and in FULL HD.

Gerome Sanoy
Lasik Patient
Waking up with a 20/20 view vs. my 500 before, has definitely made me happier!

Having Lasik surgery at Borough has definitely changed my life. The procedure was quick, wasn’t painful, and there was only minimal discomfort in probably the first 6-12 hours after surgery.

Doc Ches and the staff were accommodating and kept me comfortable all throughout the experience.

Now I live with perfect vision everyday and it still feels surreal to not have to go through the hassle of putting on contacts and bringing my glasses everywhere.

The hype is real! Get Lasik and get it at Borough Lasik Center!!!

Marlina Carlos
Had hyperopia
Lasik Patient
I am SUPER happy to say that from having a grade of 300/270, I am now 20/20!

Got my eyes lasered 2 weeks ago & I’d like to share my experience with Borough:

- the procedure was surprisingly fast and painless
- staff were very accommodating and knowledgeable, they explained so well and were ready for my questions and made me feel comfy, less anxious about the procedure
- the clinic felt safe/sanitized and strictly following protocols and their staff are all vaccinated!

Really glad I took this life changing step ❤️ THANK YOU SO MUCH BOROUGH!!

Kim Kianna Dy
Had myopia, 300/270
Lasik Patient
I can’t emphasize enough how the simple act of throwing away my reading glasses has made my day to day life so much more hassle free.

I was really getting frustrated with the whole “reading glasses” thing: Lost, broken, misplaced, dirty…you know the drill. So, I decided to look into the PresbyMax surgical procedure to correct my vision problem. Simply put, one of the best health decisions I’ve ever made.

Seeing, reading and even reading my game stat sheets at half-time!!! And all of these benefits in the simplest, totally painless procedure that lasted less than 5 minutes. And, every step of the way, Doc Ches and his staff kept me informed and totally comfortable.

Coach Tab Baldwin
Had Presbyopia
PresbyMAX patient
The surgery literally changed my life! My vision is so clear (20/15) and it is better than I imagined. Thank you Borough you guys are life changers!

Highly recommend Borough for Lasik surgeries, everyone was so friendly and made the process so easy!

The surgery literally changed my life my vision is so clear (20/15) and it is better than I imagined. Totally pain-free and super fast. I went from having the worst eyes out of everyone I know to the best eyes in just 10 minutes.

Thank you Borough you guys are life changers!

Dwight Ramos
Had Farsightedness, Astigmatism
Lasik Patient

Hear from BLC patients

"Superb experience! All the staff and doctors are very accommodating. LASIK changed my life! After 16 years of being imprisoned by eye glasses, now I'm free! No more falling glasses!"
Lasik Patient
"I love my new vision! It has always been a dream of mine to get LASIK surgery done. I now have 20/20 vision and could still improve after time.

Thank you for making my wish come true, Borough!"
Krisha Angel
Lasik Patient
"After wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses for 22 LONG YEARS, I finally had my Z-LASIK +.

My vision is now 20/15 both eyes! Better than 20/20 vision indeed! Best gift I have given myself. Definitely a life-changing experience."
Saharrah Cruz
Z-Lasik + Patient
"The place has very accommodating doctors and assistants both before and after the surgery.

Before the surgery the staff let me know what was happening and after they really took care of me."
Julian D Mates
Lasik Patient
"Forever grateful to Borough Lasik Center for making my childhood dream come true. I had eyeglasses since I was grade 5.

One of my colleages suggested Borough to me, lo and behold, I had a successful surgery with Borough. I now have 20/20 vision! Indeed, a life changing experience!"
Julian D Mates
Lasik Patient
"The staff and nurses were very kind and caring. I felt safe even more so because of Dr. Heredia.

I highly recommend Borough Lasik Center! 

This experience was life changing indeed especially for me. I am planning to enter in police service."
Mariz Nicole Papa
Lasik Patient
"I recently had a Lasik procedure done and the results are life-changing! The doctors are very experienced and accomplished in the industry. The staff is very accommodating and I felt very well taken care of throughout the process."
Mitchell Agapito
Lasik Patient
Finally! 20/20 vision! Goodbye eyeglass and contact lenses! So happy with their service. They are very kind and will assist you all the way.
Kevin Ralph
Lasik Patient

Long-term LASIK patients

"My life has changed for the better since receiving LASIK surgery.

I don't need to worry about glasses or contact lenses, and my vision remains 20/20 nearly a decade after my procedure!"
Sepi Madamba
Lasik Patient
"My sister and I undergone LASIK for 11 months now and I must say, the vision is still the same, 20/15 from 500/500. Been struggling with eyeglasses for 17years, good thing we discovered Borough Lasik Center!"
Ma. Yhiza T.
Lasik Patient
"November 2016 I decided to get Lasik. I don't regret it because until now, I still have 20/20 vision.

Thank you Borough Lasik center and you Doc Ches. God bless you 🙌🏻"
Jaime Castillo
Lasik Patient

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